Carbon dioxide has been used in medicine and balneotherapy for many years. Volcanic vapors were used in ancient bathhouses (for example, in Baia Cave in Naples).

The first purposeful use of carbon dioxide took place in 1720 at Pyrmont resort. Positive reports about the use of the gas also came from Meyburg (1770) and Mariánské Lázně (1818).

In Karlovy Vary CO2 was compressed and used for carbon dioxide baths and later on – for subcutaneous injections.

The birthplace of carboxytherapy is the French resort Royat.

Currently different therapeutic modifications of CO2 are offered to patients not only in convalescence departments of common hospitals, but also in plastic surgery and dermatology clinics, spa centers, and beauty salons.

CO2 can also be applied by psychiatrists – there are scientific works about its use to mitigate panic attacks (Silver, 1953) and its influence on the heart rate, blood pressure, resting state, and cognitive states (Van den Guten, 1982).

The method lies in the content of carbon dioxide injektsioonilises the leather areas.

Carboxytherapy-security method without surgery in Tallinn, Estonia.

The principle consists of medical carbon carrying the dermis of small needles.

The procedure is safe and nontoxic, because CO2 is a natural constituent of the human body, our cells generate it every day.

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