General recommendations for a patient

Before carboxytherapy

Drink 1.5-2 liters of fluid a day for at least three days. In case you undergo the procedure to treat your locomotor system or to get rid of cellulite, come in loose and comfortable clothes or bring them with you.

If the procedure is aimed at your skin and subcutaneous tissues, please consult your doctor about using proper cosmetics and make-up. Your doctor should be informed about all medications taken by you and all allergies you have. To inform him or her, please fill in a questionnaire and sign a consent form before the procedure.

After carboxytherapy

It is recommended to increase one’s fluid intake on the day of the procedure and within 3-5 days after it. The best options and still and sugar-free water or tea. If you have any problems, please consult your doctor.

It is advised to keep regular hours, to stick to a healthy diet, to avoid smoking or drinking, and to do sports. It is also recommended to avoid excessive use of painkillers.

Not recommended

  • to wash the place of injection, to swim, or to visit a sauna or a pool within 6 hours after injection
  • to treat the place of injection with heat or cold until the swelling and the redness subside

It is natural, that certain patients may not react to carboxytherapy (or any other treatment, to that matter) as expected. As a rule, it is caused by health-detrimental behavior and certain habits that a patient cannot resist.