Is it safe?

The methodology is based on subcutaneous administration of carbon dioxide with the use of small needles. No anesthesia is required. The procedure is safe and non-toxic, as the cells of our own bodies produce carbon dioxide every day. It is a byproduct of metabolism that is transported by blood and exhausted by the lungs. Moreover, medical gas is used in the course of laparoscopic operations.

However, possible contraindications should be professionally assessed in each individual case. Carbon dioxide is non-embolic and therefore is safe if administered by a skilled specialist. Moreover, it is a natural byproduct of our bodies and therefore remains non-toxic even in case of considerable overdose, unless a patient has absolute contraindications.

After an injection the gas is adsorbed within 5 minutes, and after that the skin returns to its normal state. Carboxytherapy has been successfully used in 100,000 patients in Europe and South America without any complications.

The safety of the method is guaranteed by the use of a system and a device certified in Europe.

The device controls the cleanness of the gas and sterilizes it.