Carboxytherapy: modern tate

A considerable number of scientific works dedicated to the remarkable properties of this treatment method has been published by now.
World congress on the retardation of ageing and reduction of its consequences, as well as world-known anti-ageing organizations actively promote this unique method as the least aggressive and the most comfortable one with excellent effects and no risk of side effects.
For example, in Europe this method is studies by the University of Sienna (Italy), center of micro-angiology and micro-circulation at the University of Milan, as well as departments in Austria and Hungary.
This method is widely represented and used in many countries of the world (Australia, Korea, Singapore, South America, Russia, and Kazakhstan).
It has recently been implemented in CR and Somali.
An International Society of Carboxytherapy, and independent international organization carrying out research in this area, has been created in Sienna. There is also an International School of Carboxytherapy operating under it.

General information

The popularity of carboxytherapy among the leading world specialists and celebrities has been increasing. This method has a number of advantages in comparison with other aggressive rejuvenation methods.

It is used not only by patients with locomotion disorders but also by customers that want to slow down their ageing and to use a new elegant mean of rejuvenation, as well as patients with open feet ulcers, diabetic wounds, or open surgical wounds. Carboxytherapy is effective against certain symptoms of psoriasis (in combination with traditional therapy), localized scleroderma, and hair loss.