Therapeutic effect

Customers or patients often notice positive effect from the use of this methodology after 1-2 procedures. It may well be said that by certain parameters (e.g. analgesia or improvement of mobility) the methodology exceeds systemic medications.

For example, in esthetic medicine it is used for the rejuvenation of face areas and surpasses botulinum toxin by safety and end result.

Main rules, recommended numbers of procedures, and their frequency are set out in standards, but in fact every patient requires an individual approach. Depending on the area of treatment and a patient’s demand, the whole therapeutic course may take from 5 to 20 or even more procedures.

The optimal mode is as follows: first three visits on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and further visits twice a week.

In esthetic dermatology, especially in the modeling of certain body areas the effect becomes noticeable after 6-8 procedures, but it is recommended to have at least 10 visits 1-2 times a week. Further procedures will depend on the state of the skin and the effect on it. In case of certain skin diseases treatment may take even longer.

The preservation of the end result also depends on a patient’s lifestyle. In case a patient sticks to a healthy diet, dies sports regularly, and limits the consumption of alcohol or other harmful substances, the effect becomes long-lasting. To improve it, a course of treatment may be repeated 1-3 times a year.